Mexican Day of the Dead

November 01 2016

day of the dead

Having created and produced the first successful Mexican Day of the Dead inspired Festival for Basingstoke; Basingstoke could not wait for and demanded we produce the event again in 2016.

Copperdollar were engaged to provide artistic direction and programming support as we produced yet another stunning spectacle featuring:

-        Parade of Living and Dead

-        An interactive large scale audio visual projection piece

-        Stage attractions throughout the day with live music, theatre and dance performances

-        A day into night themed market.

-        Giant skeleton installation

-        Interactive Wishing Tree

-        Shed of Stories

-        Lantern Making and Facepainting workshops

-        Community participation with half term dance and theatre workshops

-        BBC South filmed featured event live on its News programme and also featured event on its Facebook Live page for 30 minutes which generated a worldwide audience of over 40,000 viewers.