Victorious Festival

August 26 2016

BIG Adventures worked with global charity, ‘Arms around a Child’ to deliver the first World Music Village, part of Portsmouth’s Victorious Festival.

Victorious Festival is a 2 day Music Festival in Portsmouth, now in its 4th year with in 2016 over 100,000 paying audiences, headline acts such as Noel Gallagher, Ray Davies, Flaming Lips, and the Manic Street Preachers.

BIG Adventures partnered with Aspex Gallery, artist Matt Westbrook and was supported by The Arts Council to create ‘Port Victorious’ a project, which helped to create an identity for The World Music Village.  Site flags adorned the entrances of the Village.  The Flags were inspired by Portsmouth’s heraldic traditions and sea defences which lined with mythical and animals from other worlds. These were created with a programme of workshops at Aspex during the summer holidays.  Audiences at The Festival were then able to create their own mini flags and tattoos with the art-works from these new ephemera.

BIG Adventures created a parade to open the World Music Village featuring a  giant flame breathing  Dragon (from Dragon Heart Beat) local Samba Band, Big Noise, with a choreographed piece from local dancers Streetforce DC . The Parade was lead by those involved in the workshops who carried the devised flags through the decorated archway and ceremoniously placed them at the entrance way.

BIG Adventures also assisted Arms around the Child with programming of the main stage and a smaller stage the ‘Peoples Lounge’ with a mix of poet, dancers and musicians.